Remodelling Stairs And Replacing Pine Floorboards With Oak

Published by France Bennett on

Stripping back the paint and replacing boards to renovate 1930s stairs and upper landing taking them back to a a lot more modern day and pleasing wood finish. To cut the nose stripping, you must measure the length of the exposed thread, as well as the length of the riser and reduce laminate pieces to match, trimming the edges to fit the angle of the stairs, if needed. Installing laminate flooring is not as difficult as it appears, so if you program on installing oneself, make sure you pick up a laminate cutter.

These laminate floors have a special interlocking style, so that once installed they seem almost seamless and will not curl, lift, shrink or separate. You do not want to be concerned about water, dirt or spills with a laminate floor either – all of these are very easily cleaned.


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