The Growth of the Global Powder Coating Market

For manufacturers, there is a wide range of choices when it comes to finishing products. Among these choices is powder coating, the application of dry powdered pigments and resins that are cured with heat to produce durable, attractive finishes. Powder coating operations have experienced significant global growth over the past decade, and this trend is expected to continue well into the future. In this overview, we’ll look at some of the factors influencing the growth of the global powder coating market, including specific applications across industries.

Industry Analysis: Powder Coating Market Growth

Manufacturing industry analysts have focused on a forecast period from 2016 to 2024. In that period, the global powder coating market is expected to enjoy a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of over 7%. In North America, the powder coating sector is worth approximately $2 billion in annual revenue, with projections to hold steady or to grow slightly over the coming years. Higher production of certain domestic goods is driving the market in the U.S. and Canada, particularly in shelving, outdoor furniture, and metal cabinetry. Wood furniture applications have also experienced substantial growth, thanks to the use of medium density fiberboard (MDF), which provides a suitable substrate for specialized powder coating operations.

Other regional players are experiencing higher levels of revenue and production capacity, particularly in the Asia-Pacific manufacturing region. Automotive manufacturers in China, Malaysia, and India are increasingly turning toward powder coating as a finishing solution, and business is booming for these manufacturers. Automotive OEM components and aftermarket accessories from this manufacturing region can be found on a global scale.

In Europe, automotive manufacturers are also increasing their production, and that includes utilizing powder coating as a finishing option. Several well-known automobile companies like Daimler-Chrysler, Mercedes-Benz, and Chevrolet have a substantial footprint in the European region, including countries like Hungary, the United Kingdom, Romania, and Austria. By 2024, powder coating operations are expected to produce 890 kilotons of finished products.

Advances in Technology Spurring Growth

Powder coating resins are typically made from one or more of three major materials: epoxies, polyesters, and epoxy-polyester hybrids. Each of these resins provides specific benefits for unique applications. New resins are being developed by major industry players like PPG Industries, Akzo Nobel N.V., and Axalta Coating Systems. These new resins include acrylics, alkyds, and urethanes as well as the more common epoxy and polyester formulations.

An emerging technology that has found new applications is that of energy-efficient powder coating resins. These resins were developed to allow powder coaters to reduce energy costs associated with the curing process; lower curing temperatures save utility expenses and can be used on products that cannot withstand traditional curing temperatures. In Europe, the adoption of energy-efficient powder coating resins has driven the global industry; strict compliance with volatile organic compound (VOC) use and discharge has encouraged manufacturers to forgo wet painting methods and to use energy-efficient powder coating as an alternative. The Asia-Pacific region is also seeing substantial growth in energy-efficient powder resins, owing to the increased consumer demand for electronic products. Energy-efficient coatings can be applied to electronic components such as heat-sensitive dielectric insulators and conductors.

Powder coating provides great durability with a lower environmental impact than most other product finishing solutions. As more and more companies turn to powder coating, says PowderCoat Services, LLC, the market will only continue to experience worldwide growth in manufacturing sectors like the automotive industry, consumer goods, electronics, construction products, and agricultural equipment.

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Functions and Kasiat Aloe Vera Secrets

Fenugreek seeds shouldn’t be consumed by pregnant women since it can lead to early contractions (21). In Asia, they have been used by women to increase their breast milk production. They display a significant effect on cardiovascular health. This apparently straightforward plant is ideal for virtually every system in your entire body. It can be mixed with different plants in several ways. Functions and kasiat aloe vera plant is famous for its beneficial properties which are far superior to any other plant connected to medicinal advantages. It has been known for a long time as a medicinal plant that helps digestion and keep digestion to stay healthy.

On account of the oils it contains. In different studies, aloe was demonstrated to help avoid arthritis and decrease inflammation of the joints. Aloe vera is among the oldest known medicinal plants. It does not earn gel sticky. Aloe Vera Gel stipulates the crucial nutrition to feed the basal cells and thus the skin remains healthy and is in a position to do its vital functions more efficiently along with looking much better!

Fruits, herbs and veggies are a few of the typical components utilized for treating hair difficulties. Keep reading to learn what else the juice of the highly effective perennial can supply you. Today I’m going to share several explanations for why you may want to include cucumber juice in your daily diet. Since ancient times, teas are used as herbal treatments for all types of ailments.

The very first point to know about herbs and gardens in particular is they can add so much to your house, and your life. Getting your very own fresh herbs is a significant means to bring some much needed vitamins to your diet along with spice up your home cooked meals. Then rosemary would be a sensible selection.

Ruthless functions and kasiat aloe vera Strategies Exploited

The very first thing you must do to address your hair dilemmas is to get to the origin of the issue. When you comprehend what the issue actually is, you’d be able to discover the best solution. It helps prevent constipation along with digestive problems made by stomach ulcers. One of the chief causes for decreased liver function is excessive alcohol intake, and studies have demonstrated that fenugreek seeds are extremely powerful in controlling the effect of alcohol on your liver.

Part of folk medicine, fenugreek seeds are used for a while to protect against the graying of hair. If you’re using these medications, it is best to seek advice from your healthcare practitioner before including fenugreek seeds in your daily diet. There is an assortment of treatments and procedures to take care of dandruff. One of the absolute most basic and productive cures is using methi seeds. Kidney disease was linked to using some dietary supplements. Even infuriating skin diseases like rosacea might be treatable with the help of this magical plant. There is no danger of overdose.

Food additives are a huge threat to our wellness. You can receive these products in a variety of brands in the marketplace. Bear in mind that as it’s a pure products, it takes some opportunity to find the benefits (especially if it’s taken as a drink or supplement to the diet). There are lots of products which incorporate this gel. Aloe vera application ought to be done about two times each and every day for three or more months in order for efficiency. It gives the outstanding capacity to increase the total amount of white blood cells created by your entire body. Utilizing the gel smartly may change your life forever owing to its capacity to heal and fix skin cells.