4 Mid-Winter Pick Me Ups to Revitalize Your Home

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The winter slump is real. When it gets darker earlier, the blue skies have turned to grey, and there’s a tangible chill in the air, it can be difficult to get excited about the season — especially once the snow has passed and you’re left with a dreary backdrop for your home. Instead of venturing outside your home for that search for excitement, try to make some new additions and find your own sanctuary within your home. Here are a few ways you can bring life and warmth back to your space during these cold and dark months with some new additions.

Upgrade Your Lighting

Because winter is the darkest time of the year, you’ll have to think about lighting in terms of overcompensating a bit. Look to new ways to bring light into your space for when the natural sunlight just isn’t cutting it anymore. For many, this will mean adding new table lamps, or floor lamps, but if you’re not afraid of a bit more of a time investment, look to new hanging lights or wall fixtures to bring a more elegant decorative look.

Light fixtures and lamps are no longer the traditional teardrop or gourd shape, or the dreaded ‘boob’ ceiling light. They’ve taken on much more sculptural, artistic properties that let them act as striking centerpieces instead of necessary additions that take the back seat in terms of design. Look to new and exciting options for your lighting and scatter them around the room appropriately to bring in new warmth.

Add New Mirrors

There are other ways to counter that winter dreariness. Invest in new mirrors, or use overlooked ones you already have and place them in your most used spaces, like your living room or bedroom. A mirror will catch the available light and reflect it around the room, making the space look bigger and brighter, so if you’re short on either, this addition will help you on either front. Furthermore, much like lighting, mirrors are no longer a bland afterthought. Interior designers are coming up with more creative ways to turn the idea of the traditional mirror on its head and provide a piece that’s both useful and artistic.

Comforting Aromas

A new scent can change the way you react to a space dramatically. You’ll notice sometimes when you’re bored, you might light a candle for an injection of a new sense. Take this to another level with scattered clusters of candles that are appropriately placed, as well as new additions like oil diffusers or incense. The flicker of a light or the calming sound of water from an oil diffuser can also bring joy and comfort to a space that has been lacking during these more stale months.

Introduce New Textiles

Warmth can be directly associated with fabrics, like rugs, pillows, upholstery, or window treatments, so look to these elements to bring some much needed vitality to your space this winter. The incorporation of tactile textures can bring depth, new rugs can bring a plush comfortability, and any of these elements can be a way to introduce new colors that will revamp the space. The opposite can also be true for brightening a space: paring down your colors to bright neutrals can make the space appear more minimal and essentially, bigger and lighter. Look to sheer white curtains to bring in light in new ways while bringing a lighter-than-air feeling to your space through the material.

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